UPDATE: BeierChina are no longer an authorised Beltronics/Escort dealer or distributor. They are in no way affiliated with Neltronics, Beltronics or Escort Inc.
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    Beltronics and Escort manufacture unique products that are customised for numerous markets worldwide. These products perform to the standards that are required to best address specific threats that exist in foreign trading regions.

    There are many rogue sellers who sell grey-market products from outside regions into foreign markets and create difficult situations where the end-user (consumer) may not have the correct product for their region. Escort and Beltronics strictly prohibit trans-shipping of products from North America to foreign markets. They also prohibit trans-shipping from one foreign market to another.

    There are also many copies or counterfeits on the market within China. These counterfeit detectors are very poor quality and will not perform to the standard of a USA/Canadian made Beltronics and Escort models. Only the provincial dealers listed on our dealers page are authorised resellers of genuine Beltronics and Escort products.
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    To that point, the grey-market goods:
    1. Will not perform properly for the local threats
    2. May be obsolete or discontinued and no longer supported by Beltronics – Escort
    3. Will not have access to the correct regional camera database
    4. May be fraudulent copy products
    5. May be used or repaired products

    This misleading behaviour creates a situation where the buyer should be aware of the fraudulent actions of grey marketers or parallel importers.

    Neltronics will NOT cover warranty or offer any support on grey-imports or Beltronics and Escort products purchased from an unauthorised reseller. So, buyer beware.